Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sexy SSIS In Denali - Usability Enhancements

Following the success of my last post on SSIS in Denali see here I have been wanting to do a post for some time, giving an overview of some of the nice new usability enhancements for Developers. Unfortunately, it is predominately visual, so I have been putting it off, as really it requires a webcast, and 1) I hate the sound of my own voice! 2) I do not have any professional screen capture software. Today, however, I bit the bullet and recorded a short piece, that gives an overview of some of my favourite new features for developers. Most of them seem like small changes, but together, they make the product much easier to use.

I hope you enjoy it, but please bare the previous two caveats in mind!!! ;-)

If you enjoy this, and would like to see more webcasts, then please leave a comment to let me know. It's always good to know how to spend my blogging time!

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